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The law firm of Aspelmeier, Fisch, Power, Engberg & Helling, P.L.C., began in 1877 when John J. Seerley began his practice in Burlington, Iowa. That practice developed over the Nineteenth, Twentieth, and Twenty First Centuries, being known by the following names:

John J. Seerley (1877-1884)

Seerley & Clark (1884-1928)

Seerley, Clark & Hale (1928-1935)

Clark, Hale & Plock (1935-1938)

Clark, Pryor, Hale & Plock (1938-1948)

Clark, Pryor, Hale, Plock & Riley (1948-1952)

Pryor, Hale, Plock, Riley & Jones (1952-1959)

Pryor, Riley, Jones & Walsh (1959-1976)

Pryor, Riley, Jones & Aspelmeier (1976-1985)

Aspelmeier, Fisch, Power, Warner & Engberg (1985-2001)

The firm became known by its current name in 2001.

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